Google Pixel 3, the known, unbeatable camera lord is in trouble. The smartphone has failed in its most significant feature.

Google Pixel 3 camera is not working for many users. The camera reportedly crashes after being accessed by the thirty-part apps.

The issue has been reported on the Google forum. Users claim that the camera crashes as soon as it is accessed by the third party applications like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. According to one user, the issue was raised as soon as the user went for a security patch update on his phone.

Here is some niche log on this:

An error occurred while connecting to camera 0: Status (-8): ‘8: connectHelper: 1300: Cannot open camera 0 for “” (PID -1): Too many other clients connecting.’

This happens after you try to invoke camera in other apps. Also, after this the Flashlight icon is disabled, and functionality is also broken.

A lot of people said that the that they were facing errors such as “camera encountered a fatal error” or “The camera encountered an error.”

The user suggested ways to get rid of these errors were either to reboot the device or go for a factory reset but in both the cases the issue wasn’t resolved. The factory reset does fix the issue temporarily, by enabling the camera, but as soon as the user opens a third party application that needs access to the camera, the issue is back. It has been weeks since the first complaint about the device’s camera was registered.

The Pixel users are being assured that the bug would be fixed with an update rolling out very soon. However, no replacement of the device is being promised in this matter. The bug has been reported with Google, and the technical team of Google is looking into this matter.

This issue of camera crashing isn’t new with Google and brought back the memories of Nexus 5 that encountered a somewhat similar issue and wasn’t resolved until 2017. All we can expect from Google is to come up with a software fix soon, unlike, the Nexus 5  which was dragged even four years after the phone was released. However, the cost of Google Pixel, which is a good $799, has been questioned with the rise of this bug!

Stay tuned to learn more!

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