Apple store is the next fun stop for kids! You have read it right! Apple is all set to give hours of coding to kids from various age groups.

Today, Apple opened registrations for its Hours of Code sessions taking place from 1st December till 14th December!

The program is named as “Today at Apple”. Apple announced its session at its October event. This program will continue for two weeks where children, majorly divided into two groups, will be introduced to coding. Apple unveiled that the children between 6 to  12 years of age will explore coding with robots. Whereas, those above 12 years of age will be taught the coding basics through the educational app “Swift Playgrounds.”

Previously, to celebrate the Computer Science Education Week, Apple introduced the coding guide that can help teachers in giving out coding session to kids in their classroom. Furthermore,  teachers have been facilitated through the Swift Playground and other iPad apps. One can get the coding facilitator, the Swift guide from the apple store. This facilitator gives support in around 15 different languages which include English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

According to Apple:

“To teach coding outside of the classroom, a new Swift Coding Club kit gives teachers, students and club mentors the tools they need to start their own coding clubs. The new kit gives students aged 8 and up the ability to collaborate, prototype apps and explore how coding can make a difference in their communities using fun activities from Swift Playgrounds and App Development with Swift.”

Further, Apple stresses that the Swift curriculum has the capability to equip children with all the necessary skills and concepts that they need to compete for a high profile job in this industry. Also, Apple has pitched that it is going to launch an advanced placement computer science principle course syllabus that would help students gain Advanced Placement (AP) credits in application development on Swift.

Interesting? Stay tuned to learn more!

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