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Apple is increasing the classes and type of classes it offers at its stores. Apple announced it in their event last night. These sessions will be grouped under the simple title “Today at Apple”. It plans to add 60 additional classes. These classes will include arts, music, Augmented Reality, and newer features like Siri Shortcuts and Clips.
According to the SVP of Retail at Apple, Angela Ahrendts, the company has hosted more than 18000 such events every week, since the “Today at Apple” event was launched one and a half year ago.
Apple also updated the Apple Store app so it showed more tailor-made classes based on each customer’s device that they owned. It also showed other programs as well. So naturally, the next step was to expand the program lineup even further.

Ahrendts said, “Today we’re announcing 60 newly designed sessions.” She further added, “Video, music, and design have all been expanded and we’re adding walks and labs to most categories. And of course, we’re using Apple’s latest technologies like AR and Siri Shortcuts.”
The Silicon Valley Giant is also going to create its first video editing course. The course name will be “Small Screen Magic.” This project will be in collaboration with YouTuber Zach King. Apple and King will teach people how to edit and film videos using Apple’s quirky and fun video editing app Clips.

These hands-on sessions include coding camps as well, where people, especially young children are taught how to create programming applications. Apple really made a mark during EU code week. The company organized more than 2000 coding classes across Europe.
A new design lab has been created with architecture firm Foster + Partners. Apple previously worked with the firm in designing Apple Park. For those of you wondering, Apple Park is the company’s headquarters in Cupertino California. Apple Park was opened in April 2017.
The design lab is aptly named Drawing Treehouses.
A new pro series of lessons will teach Mac users how to edit professional videos in Final Cut Pro, and how to do high-quality audio mixing in Logic Pro. The company is also growing the stores in order to accommodate for the Forums at 70 stores annually.
Apple now hosts the Sessions event at all its 505 stores.
This is a brilliant move on Apple’s part. Apple is giving back to the community and helping teach new users about its products. This will help the Silicon Valley Giant connect with users at a more personal level.
Here are a few of the new Labs:

  • Art Lab for Kids – Make Your Own Emoji
  • Music Lab for Kids – Making a Theme Song
  • Video Lab – Small Screen Magic Co-created with Zach King
  • Photo Lab for Kids – Fun Family Portraits
  • Photo Lab for Teachers– Creating Photo Essays
  • Art Skills – Perspective with Morpholio Trace
  • Health & Fitness Walk – Staying Motivated Co-Created with Jeanette Jenkins
  • Video Lab for Teachers – Class Projects with Clips
  • Coding Skills – Sensor Arcade Challenge
  • Art Skills – Sketching Ideas in Notes
  • App Lab for Teachers – App Design & Prototyping
  • Video Walk– Manipulating Time
  • Art Skills – Getting Started with Procreate
  • Design Lab – Drawing Treehouses Co-created with Foster + Partners
  • Video Walk – Capturing Cinematic Shots
  • Video Lab – Color and Mood with Final Cut Pro
  • Music Lab – Advanced Beat Making with Logic Pro
  • Photo Walk – Taking Portraits on Location
  • Music Walk – Creating Soundscapes with GarageBand
  • Photo Walk – Taking Portraits on Location
  • Music Lab – Advanced Beat Making with Logic Pro
  • Music Lab – Advanced Beat Making with Logic Pro
  • Photo Skills – Lenses, Tripods, & More for iPhone
  • Music Lab – Beat Making Co-created with Swizz Beatz
  • Music Lab for Teachers – Telling Stories with GarageBand

So, which one are you attending?

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