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Stay tuned for a phone you can #GameOn

Few manufacturers like Razor took the initiative and it looks like the trend won’t die off anytime soon. We’re already familiar with the Razor and its upcoming Razor 2 which we already covered. Xiaomi launched Black Shark a few months ago. Huawei has rolled out updates to their recently launched devices they called “GPU Turbo” Technology. This technology increases the graphical performance and efficiency of the device.

Indeed the gaming industry in the smartphone is flourishing and getting the hype. The GPU performance is the key spec and holds equal importance for every phone manufacturer while introducing their new flagship. From Qualcomm Snapdragon, Huawei’s Kirin processors, Samsung’s Exynos to Apple’s Bionic line; each of them is focussing more and more on graphics every year.

Nokia Gameon device

Nokia in the Game:

Back in 2002, Nokia introduced N-Gage which was the first step towards mobile gaming. N-Gage was the first (or at least one of) gaming phone at that time but could not get much attention.

Now, in 2018 Nokia has decided to make a comeback in the gaming arena.
The company recently posted a teaser from Nokia’s Indian division on Twitter showing their plans to launch a gaming smartphone saying ”stay tuned for a phone you can #GameOn”

This small clip from Nokia shows some scenes of a battle game with high definition graphics. A few-second-teaser video says “Stay tuned for a phone you can #GameOn”. It’s pretty much clear what the intention of Nokia is by using this hashtag.

It is yet to be unveiled whether Nokia goes for their flagship device with high-end specs/features and advertise with any exclusive game (like Samsung Note 9 did with Fortnight) or not. We have to wait and see if one of those smartphones are going to be gaming-oriented.

Nokia 9, Nokia 8.1, Nokia X7 or Nokia 7.1 Plus, all these devices are over the internet with their leaked images of different panels. All of them are without a notch. Let’s see what Nokia has to offer. No matter which device they may introduce, it needs to be highly competitive.

Ideal smartphone for gaming in 2018:

If you’re looking for a gaming smartphone and don’t know which one to choose, here’s our features wishlist for an ideal gaming smartphone in 2018:

  • Processor: Snapdragon 845 or Apple’s A11 bionic or above
  • RAM: 6 or 8GB
  • Internal: 64GB
  • Display: AMOLED/OLED Display
  • Battery: At least 4000 mAh to give you enough juice to play at your heart’s content
  • A cooling system is a must to hold the speed and overall performance during extreme usage. Samsung Note 9, Note 8 and other industry’s leading devices used the same cooling technology.

Still confused about how these processors are different from each other? Let’s take a look at what Garry has to say about these:

Let us know which gaming smartphone you’re going to buy!

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