TCL China has launched the BlackBerry KeyOne as an attempt to restore the BlackBerry glory days that once existed. Keeping in mind users who use phones for office and work tasks, the BlackBerry KeyOne is a great phone. It has a physical keyboard that pops out in an era where virtual keyboards are the latest trend.


BlackBerry KeyOne is definitely not a phone that is in the race for camera quality. While Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi are all in line for producing phones with the finest picture quality, the BlackBerry Key One simply has a 12MP back camera that takes average to good pictures. The front camera is not close to taking good pictures as yet even though it is an 8MP camera.

Its battery life lasts for more than 24 hours so perhaps one can rely on it while on the go. However, this is definitely not a media phone. The screen is small for viewing videos and movies, and the speaker is not loud enough for good sound quality.


The BlackBerry KeyOne runs on Android 7.1.1 with BlackBerry software in the background.  It houses a 3505 mAh battery and has apt power saving modes to ensure the battery lasts a long time. The chipset is not the fastest one available, so this is a drawback although it gets you around pretty fine. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core chipset is placed by TCL inside the device. The phone has 3GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage along with a micro SD card slot.

This is a phone which can be well used by enterprise owners who use it for business communication, or for businesses buying the phone in bulk for their employees. It is not a casual phone for an average Android user these days because they’ll be giving up a lot to get back to the idea of a tactile phone.

We are of the view that BlackBerry KeyOne is a sophisticated looking cellphone. For those who miss the tangible QWERTY, the phone has resurrected the physical keyboard and is one of the swiftest keyboards. When it comes to fun stuff, you will love BlackBerry KeyOne. This is a reinvented model for those users who are a fan of BlackBerry messenger and tactile typing. The phone has a bright and colourful screen and a single bottom speaker which is loud and pitchy. As for the camera, it has borrowed its 12MP camera from Google Pixel so you for sure will love that!
Furthermore, some may be inspired by the biometric fingerprint scanner being hidden inside the space bar but others may find it annoying. You can make the choice for yourself of course but it for sure enhances the chances of accidental unlocking. The phone seems a merger of new and old technology with all the latest specs embedded in an old embodiment. Beware that the phone doesn’t have a dual sim so travellers and businessmen need to put this factor in consideration. Apart from this, so far all good!

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