From lights, security features to entertainment and climate of your house, you can control everything with your smartphone. With special apps, you can manage your house in real-time. Google Play Store and Apple App Store both have over 800,000 apps. You may find it challenging to find suitable options for your house. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of apps for you.

Here are some best apps for smarter homes.

1. SmartThings

With this free app, you can use your smartphone as a remote control for each object. Feel free to connect it with smart devices, sensors, and lights. For your convenience, a SmartThing hub is available in $300. This kit is available with numerous sensors. Connect these sensors to your smart devices, such as garage door, coffeemaker, intelligent lights, and other devices to monitor and control them from the iPhone. You can find SmartThings on Android and iOS.

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Compatible Smart Lights

To make a smart home, you will need intelligent bulbs with LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Remember, these lights are expensive than traditional bulbs. If your need is a modern lighting fixture for your house, you can get exclusive discounts for cyber Monday on the high-quality fixture.

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Smart bulbs need less energy, and they can last longer. In this way, you can save money in the future. If you have a smart assistant, consider its requirements before buying intelligent bulbs. A bulb must work with Google Assistant or Alexa so that you can control it with your voice.

2. Control4 MyHome

With this app, you can control your home without any trouble. The 4Sight offers a secure 3G/4G connection for security, energy, lighting, entertainment systems, and comfort via iPhone, iPad, or Android. Control4’s advanced system is suitable to control security and lights. You can monitor your home.

For instance, it helps you to shut down gaming consoles. In this way, you can control video gaming time of your child. Remember, the intuitive user interface of Control4 makes it easy for you to manage the complex technology. You can download Control4 MyHome for Android on Google Play Store and on for iOS on the App Store.

3. Philips Hue

Hue is free for Android and iOS to play with contrast, color, and tone of light. A starter kit is available for almost $200. With Philips Hue, it is possible to set the mood of your house. Make sure to install Hue bulbs in your home.

With these bulbs, you can set the mood for Christmas or Halloween. Use your smartphone to control Philips Hue bulbs in your home. It will decrease the need of leaving your comfortable bed in the night to switch off the lights.

4. DirectTV

It is a free app for Android and iOS to control your TV and phone. Make sure to connect them on the same network and speak your commands, such as Music, Super Hero series, etc. With this cool app, you can access your favorite TV shows.

5. Total Connect Comfort (Honeywell Connect Total Comfort)

This smart app will make it easy for you to control your smart thermostat. With its assistance, users can play with the colors of the user interface. User can change cooling and heating settings with a mobile app. Feel free to access thermostats and set indoor temperatures. The app is available on iOS and Android.

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