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Apple is focusing on more than just technology. The company has linked technology with a variety of subjects including business, arts & design, engineering, music, IT and education. Without these subjects, technology alone would be pointless, dull and boring. Apple has played such a huge role in enhancing technology in society.
The corporation has worked so hard to update their technological products and improving their latest invention. Apple goes through several sessions around the world linked to different subjects. These benefited people around the globe in operating various iOS devices. It enhanced their experience with technological innovations.
An event is coming up in Hong Kong on 6th November 2018 at Causeway Bay. The session is known as ‘Teacher Tuesdays’ where teachers teach the students to use the musical instrument using technology. The link of technology is with education and music as it mentions how to use music through GarageBand on iPad.
This musical software will benefit the students by utilizing Apple products to enhance the learning experience related to technology. The students will learn to play different ranges of musical instruments to up their music game. GarageBand is easy to learn, create, play and record music.
The software can be easily downloaded in all devices including phones and notebooks. The event is for students aged between 5-18.
Whether it is about composing a song or writing a poem, GarageBand will aid the students in learning basic music skills and playing beats to turn their ideas into class projects.
Another event is going to take place in Kwun Tong in the relation of education and music which will happen on 13th November.
So hope the event will be successful and will benefit the students for using GarageBand! 

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