The Era of the headphone jack has come to an end

Apple has recently launched three new smartphones for 2018; the iPhone XS, XS Max and the cheapest of them all, iPhone XR. You can read more about them here. However, what you won’t find anymore in a few months is equally interesting.

iPhone X Discontinue

Usually, when Apple launches the new flagship devices, the prices of previous generation phones considerably drops. This year, that did not happen at all. The iPhone X of last year has been completely discontinued.

Apple would have had a small impact on its profit margins by selling the iPhone X at a reduced price this year since the cost of the material probably would not have decreased significantly. It makes more sense to launch the iPhone XR, which makes some key cutbacks in things like the camera (Single lens), design (aluminum frame 7000 series instead of stainless steel frame) and display (LCD instead of OLED).

iPhone 6S discontinue

The other product that was eliminated by Apple was the iPhone 6s, which was not a surprise considering its age (Sep 2015).

However, the loss of the iPhone SE is something you’ll feel the most, especially because it was not replaced by any other Apple device with 4” display. The iPhone SE is from the time when people use and prefer small and comfortable phones to carry. This made it quite popular even though certain aspects of the product were quite outdated. However, the smallest iPhone you could buy now is the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8. Both devices feature a  4.7” screen which is quite small, but not as much as the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE discontinue

We suggest you grab the stock which is left in the Apple and retail shops before they’re sold and if you are using any of these devices you should consider keeping them little longer.

Oh and One last thing, iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE were the only two iPhones to have a headphone jack, so now the story of 3.5mm jack has completely come to an end from the iPhone line.

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