Amazon is all set to bring something really exciting for people at airports. So, if you are jet lagged usually, then Amazon has its futuristic checkout free stores waiting to quench your thirst for some exciting food experiences.

Amazon is bringing its checkout free stores to airports!

After having a successful response on Amazon GO at small stores, the company began to test the technology at larger store locations. The users just have to swipe their cell phones to get open access to the shelves having all the goodies and necessities. The user picks up the thing they want and checkout without having any human interaction. This technology has been quite successful with Amazon and others like Walmart.

After serving various people on some of the busiest amazon stores that include Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle, the company is now looking for the busiest airports in the US to set up their stores. The company has already contacted some of the busiest airports such as San Jose International Airport.

Amazon did a meeting with the concerned bodies in June, and soon after the meeting, airport’s manager of information technology wrote:

“I am looking forward to moving forward with the Amazon Go technology at the airport.”

However, the anonymous sources have reported that if the online retailer is planning anything on the airports, then the company would have to go through the normal process of bidding that is typically carried out. Also, the company might have to face some challenges regarding the maintenance of technology. The company is still in a struggle of making a smooth running of the checkout free stores at busy areas.

With Amazon reaching out some of the airports, a few airports’ concessions manager also reached Amazon. In September a concessions manager from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport emailed Amazon Go to ask if they were interested in the airport location.

Let’s see which airport gets to see the first cashier less store.

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