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After Amazon’s cashier-less stores, we can finally hear about a greater initiative by the Walmart.

The Walmart’s intelligent retail AI lab will make sure that the inventory is checked through the Artificial intelligence or machine learning, to know if there is a need to update or restock.

Currently, Walmart is busy with the installation of the hardware software and other equipment that will make this store functional. Store No.8 is supporting Walmart in this initiative as it is Walmart’s startup incubator. The project includes checking the inventory on electronic shelves and near the checkout. This involves mobile checkout and camera systems that can help make the process smooth.

This is just one aspect of Walmart’s mission of providing value-added services. Previously reported project Kepler, is now the team building this AI lab inside Walmart in Levittown, New York.

Project Kepler is committed to taking the in-store shopping to a next level through machine learning and a lot more new technologies.

Adding value to this, Code Eight made a statement in a job listing by saying,

“The goal is to push the boundaries as we set our sights on taking the lead in conversational commerce by leveraging machine learning, NLP, and personalization algorithms.” As explained by the job listings on Store No. 8 for Jet’s Office in Dublin, Ireland.

The project Kepler is set to “Change in-store experiences, leveraging emerging technology to help define and deliver on evolving customer expectations. Its success requires a cross-functional, mission-based team that is highly entrepreneurial, collaborative and passionate about solving the unsolved problems.”

Not to forget that this idea kicked in after Walmart paid $3 million for getting It helped Walmart gain more kinds of potential customers. Walmart is finding out ways to beat Amazon, and there could be no better way than providing better customer services. To achieve this goal, Code Eight previously worked on a service “High net worth urban consumer.” This service delivers household items to customers within 24 hours. Whereas, other luxury items’ delivery takes place within two business days. The service also adds value by picking up return items from customers’ residence which is an extra mile in Walmart’s customer services.

With the existence of this new AI lab, we can see Walmart fulfilling the promise of delivering more than just a cashier less store.
We can’t wait to see this AI lab being completely functional! Are you waiting for it too?

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