Oh, it’s that time of the year again, no not Easter, not Halloween, that just passed recently. It’s nearly Christmas time. Oh, Joy. It’s time to prepare your ears for Christmas music, yes some people have started playing Christmas jingles. Well at least there’s one good news in all of this, Amazon will be offering free shipping to its US customers.
This is a brilliant move by Amazon as it knows everyone will be shopping like crazy during this festive period. So to encourage shoppers, even more, it decided to offer free shipping within the US.
Amazon wrote in the press release “Tens of millions of Prime members in the U.S. can also shop FREE Same-Day Delivery on more than three million eligible items.”

This deal will be valid on hundreds of millions of items, according to Amazon. This will make it the largest free shipping selection in the US. Additionally, all Amazon Prime members can shop with FREE same-day Delivery which will now include more than three million items.

This will make Amazon have the biggest same-day selection in America. This selection will include great gift choices such as toys and electronics. Other categories include home decor, fashion, items and just about everything to make this holiday season a wonderful experience.

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As if this wasn’t enough Prime members will now be able to get their groceries delivered in as little as an hour from Whole Foods Market in 60 cities. All thanks to Amazon Prime Now. This will make planning feasts for the holidays less of a chore. And not to forget the unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping that Prime members can avail each day on 100 million+ items.
It usually takes users to spend at least $25 to get the Prime Free Shipping option. The e-commerce giant is considering free shipping on items less than $25 for a limited time. Amazon reached one of the most significant milestones in its history this year.

Amazon reached 100 million Prime customers in April 2018.  So in order to satisfy their Prime user base, the company decided to get rid of the minimum shopping limit. This decision might also have something to do with Target removing the minimum order limit for free delivery privileges.  Target is offering this option for a limited time only, i.e just for the holiday season.

This was a pretty strategic choice by Target as it knew Amazon was lagging behind its 2-day shipment promise. It wanted to get as much piece of the e-commerce pie as it could. Black Friday sales are just around the corner as well.
If shoppers continue the trend of “shop till you drop,” Amazon will have a lot of orders to fill. Hopefully, the workers will get some relief this time around as more customers will do their shopping online, and not create absolute chaos and carnage while searching for the best deals.

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