After giving some major hit products, Amazon is now thinking to work for the community. The e-business giant, Amazon launched a program with an aim to teach coding to over 10 million students per year.

Amazon is struggling to trigger entry-level students to opt computer engineering as their profession.

Amazon is ready to invest in summer camps and teachers’ training programs. Also, the company has projected purposeful initiatives to help the deserving kids, and young adults who might not learn coding other than this program as computer engineering is one of the expensive degrees in the world.

Amazon will spend an amount, worth $50 million on computer education.

Other technology hubs including, Microsoft and Facebook are committed to investing considerable amounts to promote coding in schools. This initiative would compensate for the shortage of computer engineers and programming teachers. Also, it would be an ultimate source for investors to hire talent without putting necessary filters during the recruitment process.

“I hope some of the students who go through the Amazon Future Engineer will work for the company, creating skills for its Alexa voice assistance or programming its delivery drones. Other companies are increasingly relying on technology, and coding has become a valuable skill to more employers.” Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s CEO worldwide consumer, mentioned in his statement.“We’re pretty confident that knowing how to code will be as important as knowing how to read for the jobs of the future.” He added.

Amazon Future Engineering program will start free summer camps for the students from grade eight and would lead them to the Amazon offices around the country for training purpose in future.
Amazon employees will voluntarily participate in teaching campaigns. Further, online classes and games will be available for kids via Amazon partners including and Coding with kids. The company would pay over 2000 low-income schools and colleges for providing online training to students.
Over the past two years, Amazon has tested hundreds of schools including Monsignor and Scanlan High School in New York and registered them for providing extensive computer programming training through AP and Introductory Computer Science courses.
What do you think about this initiative by Amazon?

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