Amazon has opened up its online global stores for the Australian market. People in Australia can easily access to book their goodies. These items will then be shipped on their Australian addresses.

Previously, Amazon stopped shipping on Australian addresses due to the latest goods and service tax legislation. According to this legislation, retailers would collect 10% tax on all imports. During the time of restricted access, all the users from Australia were redirected to

An Amazon spokesperson told The New York Times that the would be available in Australia from 22 November:

“As a result of customer feedback, from 22 November Amazon customers will be able to ship eligible items from to Australian delivery addresses.”

The company is now aiming to find out ways that can help build a complex infrastructure. This infrastructure would then allow the export of less valuable goods to Australia, complying with the GST legislation. The legislation came in favor of smaller businesses in Australia, to help them keep in pace with the big retailers from outside the country. The Amazon’s reaction to this legislation was quite shocking for many. In fact, a lot of politicians and consumers criticized Amazon’s decision through their statements.

Mr. Scott Morrison, the current Prime Minister of Australia, said;

“You don’t get a special deal because you’re a big company or a multinational, I think it is disappointing that Amazon has taken this out on consumers in Australia — but that is their commercial position.”

The consumers faced a lot of inconveniences as the Australian store had a limited number of items and variety. The fact that Amazon might have increased the prices for a lot of products to comply with the GST legislation might affect the Amazon consumers from Australia in a negative way. However, users still have some time to avail great discounts until Black Friday deals are up on Amazon.

Until then?

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