Amazon Go is planning to launch its cashier-less supermarkets in British High streets

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Amazon Go, the cashier-less supermarket.
Amazon Go is planning to launch its cashier-less supermarkets in British High streets

After the successful achievement of Amazon Go in the Chicago market, the company is moving ahead. Now the British consumer market can shop their heart out without wasting their precious time as Amazon Go is making its way to Britain’s Streets.
A few years back, the model of cashier-less supermarkets was introduced by Amazon with a  new title named “Amazon Go”. It is reported by Sunday Times that, Amazon is looking for a space in UK Market to execute cashier-less supermarket services for Britain. Currently, Amazon is searching for an extensive number of retail points in UK high streets.
Sunday Times added that currently, Amazon retail sites’ size lies between 4000 sq ft. to 5000 sq ft. To give you a sense of convenient measurements, the size of Amazon Go is half as compared to that of Tesco Express. Tesco is one of the largest supermarkets in the UK, the biggest Tesco retail point occupies 10000 sq. ft. space.
However, Amazon is likely to hold more products and varieties regardless of size and space as Amazon Go does not require the installation of space-occupying counters and self-checkout machines.
Earlier this year, Amazon successfully launched first of its four supermarkets in Seattle. No doubt, Amazon took a great take-off and brought robust innovation in the history of supermarkets.

Amazon Go swapped complex calculations on the manual registers with simple computer-based easy-to run software that monitors a number of products in customers’ baskets thoroughly and deduct the amount from their credit cards upon exit.

It was not known that Amazon Go will hit the UK market. But some researchers and analysts predicted the arrival of Amazon Go in the UK through their articles. But the question is that, will Amazon Go be able to capture the market share we expect?
UK supermarket niche is crowded. Officials like ASDA, Tesco and Morrison have occupied a lion’s share in the UK market. Other potential competitors Aldi and Lidl won’t let Amazon Go bypass their loyal customers. The competition is tough for Amazon Go but thanks to the company’s advanced technology that has already provided a market survival opportunity to Amazon Go. It has successfully tested on different retail points in different countries.
Amazon Go’s launch in the UK is exciting for those who don’t want to wait in billing queues for hours. Further, it would be the best place for variety seeking customers.
Do you want Amazon Go in your country? Share your views and stay tuned for more updates.

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