Molotov is a French startup that is always experimenting with new ways to deliver TV content. So far, it has not disappointed as it offers more than 100 channels for €10 a month only. Molotov also offers a free subscription service which includes 34 channels. All you need to do is just download the Molotov app on your Smartphone or Smart TV, and you are good to go.

The novelty of the Product

To deliver TV uniquely, Molotov came up with the idea of VR TV. But now VR TV has become mainstream so in order to bring novelty to their product. Molotov developed an app with VR compatibility comprising of a VR coffee shop equipped with a TV, known as Molotov Cafe. Users can use a VR headset to access the coffee shop simulation and watch TV. The service will be available under Molotov Together.

Molotov is looking to remind us

Watching TV has become a thing of the past in this modern era of Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. Molotov is looking to remind the general populace about one aspect of the lives people led some 30-40 years ago. What it felt like when the world had not entered the era of gadgets, what watching a live channel felt like. Especially, when watching a live match, the tension and suspense. When watching a movie, the side jokes were enjoyed along with the viewing content. Netflix and YouTube have made us forget what it felt like to watch live TV.

The more, the merrier

Molotov intends to truly offer a unique experience with this new product feature; Molotov Café. Users can watch alone but to experience the full depth of the feature one should watch the same channel, in a group, in virtually comfy armchairs. All the user needs is a VR headset, and they are good to go. Users can also talk via voice chat, and they don’t need to press a button. The VR is designed in such a way that the user can hear their friend’s voices over the TV. Every User can watch their own TV if they are alone. Also, it is recommended for multiple users to stream content from the same delivery network when watching together.

Change of perspective

Going to a VR coffee shop from your room may seem a little daunting at first, but it will get normal after you start chatting with the next person and build rapport with them. One will start to feel at ease afterward as Molotov intends for its users to have a comfortable viewing experience.

Future updates

This service is in its Beta testing phase, and so far people have been giving positive reviews regarding it. Molotov also has a planned upgrade patch in the pipeline as well. The patch’s release will depend on the initial success of the feature. If successful, Molotov intends to let the users invite other virtual users like themselves to come to watch their TV in their own virtual Private room. However, this patch will only be available to users using the premium pass.

With this product launch, Molotov is looking to give a tough time to its competitors. As things are, if Molotov continues to come up with more novel ways to introduce with their product lines it can be safely said that Molotov will go on to establish itself as a Mammoth in its field.

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