Arizona is known for its harsh and awful summers. It’s not only dangerous to live there, but also a killer on your vehicle. Most cars that come from other states of the country are prepped for cold and hot weather. If you plan on bringing your vehicle to Arizona, be prepared to replace tires, purchase a new battery and much more. This state takes a toll on your automobile and without the proper maintenance; many continue to struggle throughout the years.

The first tip is to make sure the tires on your vehicle are sufficient for this terrain. The temperatures skyrocket each day and each hour, and if you have tires that are low on air or the tread is bad, you can end up with a flat or even exploded tire. It is important anywhere to rotate your tires, but that may be a way to save you money instead of replacing with a new set. The grounds in Arizona are very dry and flat, so they can slowly eat away at the rubber.

Even though it does not rain often in Arizona, it is important to keep good wipers in mind. Most likely your wipers will work for about a month when you move here, and then after that, they will have torn and worn. The sun is so powerful that it can destroy the rubber blades. Consider purchasing new, basic wipers for your vehicle, but wait until after you move here and drive for a bit. When it does rain, it gets very intense, mostly because of the monsoon-like dust storms. Good wipers are important for the rain season.

The fluids in your vehicle keep it running like blood keeps your heart running. They tend to run low with overuse and can cause a system failure. In a hot state like Arizona, the car can overheat fairly easily and that is from lack of radiator fluid, water pump, and coolant. You can purchase most of these fluids at an auto store or body shop. It is imperative to make sure your fluid levels are at least halfway because cars easily overheat and being stranded in the Arizona summer sun is no picnic.

In general, vehicles new to Arizona that were once located in colder parts of the country tend to get beat up. Even if you have just replaced your battery for the drive here, be prepared to replace it again. Batteries have to work extremely hard to stay cool in this heat. The terminals can become corroded as well and be very dangerous. Battery acid is nothing to mess with.

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