Spotify is now enabling Indie artists to upload their music directly to their platform. This means that Indie bands won’t have to go through a middleman such as record labels or music distributors.
Essentially, this will lead to smaller independent artists making more money.
Spotify had been collaborating with artists such as electronic music DJ Hot Shade, American rapper Noname, RnB singer/songwriter VIAA, and Haitian DJ Michael Brun for a few months so they could get a better idea of how independent artists work and earn their living.
The platform joined hands with these artists specifically to invent the upload tool that would allow such artists to upload their music directly.
The team wanted to get inside the minds of such creators so they could brainstorm over the best ideas that were fair and practical.
Spotify has invited well over several hundred American artists to beta test this feature. The Swedish company has announced that it will send out invitations to many other musicians over the next few months.
Participants can preview what their extended play records(EPs), singles, mixtapes, and albums would look like to audio-consumers before releasing them on Spotify’s platform.

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Artists will also be able to edit their music’s metadata post-release. Musicians will be able to view their earning along with other stats on the Spotify for Artists tabs.
This is great news for independent artists, as it will allow them to share their music on the biggest music streaming service.

How this new feature will work

Artists will earn money each time their fans stream their music. Royalties earned through streaming will be sent to artists’ account each month in advance.

Creators will be able to upload their music free of charge. Spotify won’t even hit them with any hidden fees or commission charges, no matter how often they upload.

Spotify will be sending out invitation emails to artists, so it is urging everyone to sign up to their mailing list.
The streaming service reminded that this will just be one of the many ways independent artists could upload their music on the platform.

Streaming services have become main source of income for artists

This move has come at the right time as record labels have tightened their control over music artists. Distributors want a bigger piece of the pie as creators find it difficult making a decent living.
CD and vinyl sales have been steady but low, for quite a few years now. Due to security issues, arranging concerts and gigs has become complex over the years as well. So artists’ main source of revenue has been streaming services such as Spotify, Apple music, Deezer and Tidal.
Spotify has made a step in the right direction with this decision. And for once a major internet company is thinking about small creators.
Now discovering new artists through Youtube music and SoundCloud will become a thing of the past. Spotify will come out on top and be a much-needed voice of all small artists across the globe.
Stay tuned for more!

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