Quizlet, an online study app that enables teachers or students to access information to help in studies reached 50 million users today.

Be it acing the examination or creating flashcards for memorization, Quizlet covers everything. The study resource app gives 300 million study tools such as maps, charts, questions papers, and quizzes to enhance their study experience. More and more students are using this app which increased up to 50 million monthly users.

Quizlet CEO Matthew Glotzbach had sent a good precedent for education technology. The app had 30 million users a year ago; it finally reached up to 50 million this year. The sales are proliferating year after year.

The company is opening its first office in Silicon Valley in Denver.

“We by no means feel like our work is done; 50 million is a very small fraction of the 1.4 billion students on the planet.Our focus is to grow the platform. If we continue to be successful in that mission, we will be the largest study and learning brand.”– Matthew Glotzbach

The company was established in 2005 by a 15-year-old Andrew Sutherland. The company grew the learning business and introduced the app in 2015. The growth of the company became drastic when Matthew Glotzbach became its CEO in 2016.

The sales reached up to $20 million this year. A week back Quizlet partnered with Cengage, an online textbook app for helping students to ace in their examination.

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