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There have been some issues about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that it catches fire. After receiving such issues, Samsung has decided to stop selling any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and also has asked its customers to return the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that has been sold out.

Along with this the US government has started an official Samsung Galaxy recollection and is estimated to affect about 1 million such devices.

So, if you just purchased the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, kindly read this article to get an idea of how you can replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Even though there have been such issues with very few devices but the risks are substantial enough for Samsung to start a costly global recollection. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with you, you can replace Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or ask for a refund.

Contact the customer service team of Samsung:

Owners who reside in the UK should call the Samsung customer service on 03307261000, after that the Samsung customer support will take over and explain you the process of returning your new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Mobile networks and operators that already have sold Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will start contacting their customers, as Samsung confirmed, from September 19th to start recollection. Although you can use the number mentioned above to contact Samsung customer service.

In the US, call at 1-800-726-7864 (1-800-SAMSUNG) and in Australia call at 1300 362 603 to get in contact with the customer service of Samsung.

There is also the option of having a live chat with the Samsung officials on Samsung’s support website. If you are concerned about your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you can take it to the store from where you bought it to acquire more information.

To check whether your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is safe and does it need replacing, Samsung will be releasing websites that would let you check whether your device needs replacing or not. You will be required to fill in your phone’s IMEI number which can be found in the “settings” option and inside the option “About phone”.

Exchange program of US:

In the US, the exchange program is right.  For the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can replace it by a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Samsung S7 Edge and also there will be a replacement of other Note 7 accessories. Along with this, Samsung is also offering credit for those who have a carrier bill or $25 gift card. Replacing new Galaxy Note 7 with an old one is supposed to start early next week, but there is still no information about when the replacement would start with Samsung S7 Edge.

You can call 1-800-SAMSUNG or head to the store where you bought your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from to start the replacement of your phone. Although the US government is cautious and slow about the replacement, as Samsung did not follow the official way of recollection, Samsung is moving quickly to replace phones as fast as possible.

It is how US customers should respond to the recollection call and for the rest of the customers across the world; words will be out soon concerning the recollection.

Exchange program of UK

Official statements concerning the replacement of your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been released in the UK as well.

Samsung acclaimed that they are going to release the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for sales on 28th October which does not have design flaws like the old versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have.

If you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Carphone Warehouse, it is recommended to get in touch with them on their support phone line which is 0370 111 6565. To replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you can call your network operator if you have Three Customers, you dial 333, for Vodafone dial 191 and EE dial 150.

If you have a contract with O2, you are supposed to dial 202, and if you are in a deal of pay as you go, call at 4445 from your device.

Samsung has asked its customers to change their old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and this exchange program will start from 19th September.

Now Samsung began to put more focus on the recollection program of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the UK and Europe, as because 19th September has passed away.

To decrease the risk of catching fire in the old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and to encourage customers to exchange their note 7, Samsung will start to release a new software update from 20th September that will decrease the charging capacity of the old versions of Note 7 to 60%.

Samsung will also release a new web page that will ask the customers to fill in the IMEI number of their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to see if their Note 7 is required to be replaced or not. You can find IMEI numbers in the About Phone option which is within the settings option.

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