Nasa plans to take us to the Moon and beyond!

NASA recently submitted a report to Congress stating its plan to explore Moon and other cosmos through its Exploration Campaign.
NASA has been working on achieving a milestone in exploring space from quite a long time. As per Donald Trump’s Space Policy Directive-1 back in 2017, exploration with commercial and International partners has been in the pipeline. Space Exploration Campaign will be carrying out the human as well as robotic missions for thorough observations.
As per NASA, the mission hopes to achieve the following goals:

  • Transition U.S. human spaceflight activities in low-Earth orbit to commercial operations that support NASA and the need s of an emerging private sector market.
  • Lead the emplacement of capabilities that support lunar surface operations and facilitate missions beyond cis-lunar space.
  • Foster scientific discovery and characterization of lunar resources through a series of robotic missions.
  • Return U.S. astronauts to the surface of the Moon for a sustained campaign of exploration and use.
  • Demonstrate the capabilities required for human missions to Mars and other destinations.

The report further says:
”NASA has defined an open architecture that aligns with space policy directives and fulfills
Agency strategic goals. It also enables partners, where appropriate, to contribute in meaningful ways. NASA’s strategic implementation approach for the National Space Exploration Campaign”

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NASA has given its future plan briefing what it aims to achieve in the upcoming years through the Exploration Campaign.

Image Courtesy: NASA

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For decades, researchers have been trying to prove the fundamentals for life survival in space. The question is will they be able to find out anything this time? The plan looks solid, let’s just hope that the efforts bear fruit this time.
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