To all the Game of Thrones fans out there, brace yourselves as Westeros is coming to life soon.

The concept artists of the popular TV series have come together for an exhibition that is sure to give you goosebumps. These artists have been working on Westeros exhibition for quite a long time to give the fans a once in a lifetime experience.
These are the same artists that make the fire of dragons and the wilderness behind the wall look so real.  The artists have collaborated and made over 80 humongous artworks. The exhibition is planned very thoughtfully. An abandoned industrial complex is chosen as the venue for the exhibition. The venue will be divided into rooms with each room having customized music and paintings “allowing the visitor to feel as if they are traveling through these distant countries.”

Westeros red sea
Image Courtesy: TechSpot

The visitors will be constantly entertained by GoT monologues playing in the background and the architecture of the place will be the cherry on top.
The exhibition will start on 23rd January and end on 27th next year, lasting for a total of four days. It will take place in Berlin, Germany. And the good news is that the exhibition will be free of cost. We know what you’re thinking; how will they cover the costs? For this, a Kickstarter campaign is already in the pipeline.
Image Courtesy: TechSpot

The Kickstarter campaign includes a compilation of all the paintings that are going to be exhibited priced at $60.
The exhibition before the final season premieres sounds perfect to keep the fans involved one way or another. We have seen coffee shops, restaurants, and seasonal theme parks for different TV shows before. But this exhibition is going to be one of its kind as far as any GoT themed recreation is concerned.
Stay tuned for more updates and do let us know what you think in the comments section below! 

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