The Might Mi 7 is there yet?

Mi 8 front camera 820x461 - The Might Mi 7 is there yet?
(Last Updated On: July 10, 2018)

Xiaomi, one of the largest Chinese smartphone manufacturers, announced that they will be launching a new set of smartphones under Xiaomi Mi series, calling it as the Xiaomi Mi 7 which will be succeeding Xiaomi Mi 6. According to that announcement, this Mi 7 smartphones will be launched in 2018. Its predecessor, Xiaomi Mi 6 is a flagship phone having most of the features comparable to famous smartphone brands and also at a much lower price. Low price, yet the good quality is the main force behind the success of Xiaomi brand. Mi 6 was fantastic in terms of hardware, software and built quality like it contained the greatest Snapdragon 835 processor with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage with the dual-lens camera inserted in the glass-backed case. Though Mi 6 had wonderful qualities still there was the place for improvements in terms of the size and other high-tech features.

Expected Specifications

Though this MI 7 smartphone has not crossed all the developmental phases and has not reached the market, however, there are many rumours about its design, specifications and hardware, that are floating around. According to these reports, the major and the most dominating feature is its 3D face detection aspect which is incorporated into that smartphone then it will be the first of its kind. Though Android and other phones do have the face detection trait it is based on the 2D technology which is very less accurate and unsafe as compared to the 3D mechanism. The 3D technique takes into account all the facial point and builds a much complex network and hence is more efficient and precise than the 2D technique.
Mi 7 OLED - The Might Mi 7 is there yet?
In addition to the facial recognition characteristic, there will also be a fingerprint sensor at the back of the device which will be secondary to the facial detection. This 3D mechanism will be made available on the Snapdragon 845 chipsets. This extended chipset quality will facilitate the less power consumption with high speed downloading and improved camera resolution. Different reports confirm the LED size of this coming Mi 7 to be 6.01 inches with the aspect ratio of 18:9. MI 7 is beautifully designed to catch the customers attention with its metallic lustre surface and dual bezel-less glass base having horizontal dual back cameras and also 20-megapixel front-facing camera. In addition, it will also be having AI enhanced photography which might be similar to the Huawei Mate 10. As far as the memory is concerned, then you might be thinking that such incredible features are coming at the expense of memory but it’s not the case as reports state that Xiaomi Mi 7 will have a massive memory of 6GB or 8 GB and will have a storage capacity of 64 GB.


Its also heard that the phone will have an OLED screen which will be developed by Samsung and Samsung is considered to be the best OLED screen developer in the industry. It means that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will have an incredible screen. This OLED feature is unique to the other smartphones developed by Xiaomi and due to this feature, Mi 7 will be the first one having always On-Display characteristic as compared to it predecessors because this property is supported by the OLED feature. Some rumours have also claimed that this Xiaomi Mi 7 will also have a unique trait of wireless charging because of its dual glass base, however, it needs to be confirmed yet.
Mi 8 performance - The Might Mi 7 is there yet?
There are still some speculations on the arrival of this much-awaited smartphone in the market due to successive delays in the launch date. Firstly, some rumours confirmed that the company will be debuting the Xiaomi Mi 7 either in the late February or in March but it didn’t happen so. Moreover, instead of releasing Xiaomi Mi7 the company surprisingly launched Xiaomi Mi 8 in the market. This has raised a lot of concerns about the existence of Xiaomi Mi 7. Whether the company has debuted Xiaomi MI 8 as a substitute for Xiaomi Mi 7 or the latter is still in the process of manufacturing and is aimed to be launched later. This still needs to be confirmed by the company’s officials.

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