iOS 12
iOS 12 update new features.

iOS 12 update made people so excited that many of them could not fathom all the features the update has to offer.
Here are a bunch of new features that most of you did not even know existed:

Autofilling verification codes

We know how paranoid you get when it comes to the security of your online data and whatnot. The two-step authentication step feels like a burden at the same time, no? If you have iOS 12, your life just got a little easier.
Just as WhatsApp autofills the verification code when you are setting up your account, iOS 12 update will do the same. But understanding the intricacies of security, it will ask you if you want it to autofill or not.

USB ports lockout

One of the ways hackers gain access to your phone when it is locked is through the USB port. A USB accessory can give access to your phone without unlocking it. iOS 12 update enables the lockout of USB ports when you lock your device. This way, you can safely say that your device is secure when locked.

Alternate appearance for FaceID

FaceID can literally take a fraction of a second to recognize you and unlock your phone. But playing with your looks can give it a hard time. In professions like acting, we know that you have no time for these shenanigans and to our surprise, so does the iOS 12.
iOS 12 now allows you to set up an alternate appearance (which may be the character that you’re currently playing or you in your original hair color).
Follow these steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Face ID and Passcode> Authenticate
  • Choose Set up an alternate appearance

AirDrop passwords

As the name indicates, this lets you share your passwords with friends and family using iCloud. The receiver will be notified and they can choose to either store it as a new entry or log in using the received password.
This could be useful for a group of people who use one account as a part of the same organization etc.

Searching the song using lyrics

Ever been in a situation when a song gets stuck in your head and it is just one line and you can’t recall the name of the song? I know right!
With the new iOS 12 update, you can do a lyric search to find a song on Apple Music.

Automatic updates

iOS 12 is a grown up now; it can update itself. This does not mean that you can’t handle the updates manually now. If you want to let the iOS 12 automatically update, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings>General
  • Software updates>Automatic updates.

And you’re good.
With these cool bunch of features, we are loving the iOS 12 update and can’t wait to explore more about it.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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