With the release of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple rolled out the most awaited iOS update last week, and it seems like a super messy release. iOS 13 brings dark mode, new privacy settings, and other improvements along with a lot of unresolved bugs.

iOS 13 is not stable and gets irritating with time (at least for me). It’s not just the OS; third-party apps are also not in harmony with the new iOS. My phone has been going crazy after this particular update, and I would suggest not to update your iPhone till Apple releases fix with iOS 13.1.

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Here are the bugs that I have been experiencing after updating my iPhone to iOS 13.

List of iOS 13 bugs so far:

Battery drain

Battery draining is an issue that I have been facing since the last update. The numbers are just jumping and heating my iPhone. Many users also reported that with iOS 13 update, their iPhone is draining like never before.

Messages app

The Messages app crashes when you click on the images of the sender. There’s one strange thing I noticed in both WhatsApp and Messages app, the main UI of the Messages app and WhatsApp is messed up.

Mail app

The mail app has been super slow, and sometimes it doesn’t synchronize if you’ve multiple accounts configured.

Indexing takes longer

After updating to the iOS 13, you will notice that the new apps are taking longer than ever to index photos and messages. This process will take a long time, and it’ll also drain your battery.

Reminders app

The new reminder app also has some issues as it sometimes crashes when you try to add other people.

Lockscreen Bypass bug

CNN Business reported a flaw in iOS that lets anyone access contacts even when your iPhone is locked. I didn’t personally try it but here’s the video.

Third-party app crashes

Google Keyboard is behaving strangely with the new iOS 13. The keyboard gets slow and doesn’t respond many times. Because of that, I have to switch to the native keyboard app, but it has bugs as well. Other apps like WhatsApp also need attention as they’ve glitches and bugs.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Many people are reporting issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi after iOS 13 update. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi aren’t working on many people’s iPhones.

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Apple will be shipping iOS 13.1 update earlier on September 24th. The new update will hopefully fix all these issues. It will also come with new features that were initially part of iOS 13 like, ability to add Siri shortcuts to HomeKit automation and share an ETA from Maps.

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  1. Photos are taking very slow now. After I press button and move phone away after 0.5 sec, the image is still being taken and the photo results being smudged or wrong area taken. Iphone 7, ios13, 13.1 same

    1. The first iOS 13 release was super buggy. Now we have iOS 13.1.2. This build is far more stable than the previous ones. I hope that your problems are solved with the latest update as well.

      1. Muhammad, with 13.1.2 it has gotten a bit better! This effect only remains when I am taking the first photo after opening the camera app, the consequent photos are taken quite quick. However I think most common camera usage with phones is – saw something, take phone, open app, make photo. I hope they will fix it or add an option for quick shots without much pre\post processing.

  2. I updated to iOS 13.1.3 on my iPhone 7 plus and it is a FULL DISASTER!!!
    Viber and WhatsUp are just getting blocked, so I can not see any messages or text somebody, and all the time I need to reboot my iPhone to solve the issue. But I helps only for a small time, then the problem is back.
    The iPhone gets on silent mode automatic, so I can’t see when someone is calling.
    The contact list is also getting blocked often, and I have to reboot the iPhone.

    But before iOS 13, my phone worked perfect! So I don’t recommend to update the iOS.
    If you have iOS 12 and I works good, that’s great, keep working on iOS 12 and do not update.

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