It has been talked about for months, but the arrival of 5G wireless networks is around the corner for most countries, and it certainly is exciting. To term, the birth of 5G as a network is a little more than an understatement. 5G is more than just a new source of connectivity but more like an ecosystem that will drive businesses in new directions, revolutionize the way cities operate and take the transfer of data into a whole new stratosphere.

Why is 5G better than 4G?

4G has been around for quite some time, and most of us are fairly pleased with it, but 5G is a significant improvement in lots of ways:

  • Lower latency equals fewer delays
  • More wireless connectivity opportunities
  • Applicable with more IoTs networks
  • 5G is faster and more efficient

How will these benefits affect our apps?

5G is good news for different technologies we already use, but it is really going to change the mobile apps world by giving it near enough unlimited potential to become the perfect service best suited to everyone’s specific needs. Here are the ways that 5G is making professional app developers rejoice.

Faster apps

The most obvious benefit is that apps will become faster and be able to handle better graphics. This is especially good news for those that make apps with games or casino-based apps. For example, with 5G, you will soon be able to use the very popular mFortune Bingo app and experience faster and better gameplay. Speed will also improve download times and create more opportunities for in-app monetization!


When an app takes a few seconds to respond to a command, it can soon become frustrating. 5G aims to eradicate these issues with no latency whatsoever. This will come in handy for apps based around Augmented Reality such as the Pokémon Go app – or even Virtual Reality.

IoT connection

Apps will soon become a part of the IoT ecosystem, allowing us to pair even more apps to other devices in and around our homes. This has already been achieved, but 5G will maximize possibilities and speed up the data sharing between apps and other sources.

Two challenges facing 5G apps

With every trailblazing technology, there are also some hurdles to navigate. 5G is no different, and app developers tapping into this new and exciting arena will have to contend with two potential problems. The first revolves around security. With more people joining the network at once, hackers may be able to come up with cunning ways of breaking cyber barriers and stealing data.

The other issue is applicability. Not everyone may be able to use 5G or have devices that are applicable. This will mean app developers may have to come up with various versions of the same app to prevent alienating their market. In time, as more people upgrade their devices, this may not be an issue.

Despite these challenges, the future of 5G and mobile apps is shining bright!

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