There is at least one patient of Diabetes in every family. It has become one of the prevalent healthcare problems of this age.

It is a disease in which the pancreas is unable to assemble enough insulin. The pancreas is present behind the stomach in the abdomen. It secretes some chemical substances. Those substances which are secreted into blood are hormones, and those that are secreted into the digestive tract for digestion of food are enzymes.

Diabetes is a long-term problem associated with deranged blood glucose levels. To manage diabetes well patients need to maintain a record of blood glucose levels at various times of the day. This is required for the administration of insulin.

Diabetes apps

There are some apps that can be used to keep diabetes in check. Some of our favorites are the following:

1. Diabetes Tracker

Diabetes Tracker helps you calculate your blood sugar levels and insulin intake.

What does it do?

  • It helps the diabetic patient to manage and supervise their diabetes in a better way.
  • It also helps to keep it under control.

Its features:

  • Glucometer: It tracks your glucose levels. You can view your readings in charts and graphs format.
  • Food: It provides tips for health. It also provides such dietary plans that help you keep a check on your glucose level.
  • Exercise: It provides proper guidance and instructions for exercises to improve your diabetes level.
  • Blood pressure tracker: It also contains blood pressure tracker. It tracks your blood pressure.
  • Reports of the result: It provides reports so that you can view your health status and it enables you to share it with your physicians. It also provides lab test results.
  • Appointments: It provides a list of doctors so that you can make an appointment with them.

2. Health2Sync – Diabetes Care

Health2Sync is a personal care service device. It helps you to track the blood glucose level.

Its features:

  • Simple record: Gives script or record of your sugar reading, weight and other factors that disturb diabetics.
  • Partner care: This app also allows you to add your family members and friends for support and motivation.
  • Personal care: This app also provides you guidance and reminders so that you can make timely improvements.

3. mySugr: the blood sugar tracker made just for you

mySugr app provides you guidance and extensive test tips. You can use this anytime you want, and it is accessible everywhere.

Its features:

  • CGM data
  • Approximated Alc.
  • Insulin calculations
  • Educating about health condition related to diabetics
  • Synced BGs

In this app, you can view your health status on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It also provides you the facility to share your health status data with medical professionals.

Insulin calculator helps you control the dosage of insulin. It also provides you guidance for your health to make you strong and healthy.

This app is very easy to use. It is a great tool and contains excellent features as well.

4. Glooko – Track Diabetes Data

Glooko is a diabetic remote monitoring app. It monitors your medication and carbohydrate absorption. It accommodates data from the glucose monitors, blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, and fitness trackers. You can check your progress via charts.

Its features

  • Upload data to the clinic from anywhere
  • Share the data easily and comfortably with a physician. The physician can also share data with the patient.
  • It also provides the vision to improve the diabetic management.

5. My Sugar Diary: Diabetes App

My sugar diary is a diabetic app. It basically manages diabetes.

Its features

  • Blood glucose levels
  • Insulin dosage
  • Approximated HBA1c value
  • Data sharing
  • Create reports
  • Provide history and current data values as well so that you can compare them

6. Diabetes and Diet Tracker

This app is for type 1 and types 2 diabetic patients. It helps the prediabetes and gestational diabetic’s patients.

Its features:

  • Insulin tracking
  • Blood pressure tracking
  • Cholesterol tracking
  • Blood glucose level tracking

In this app, there is a daily and weekly analysis to know about your condition. You can also share your health status with your healthcare provider.

In this app, you can observe and monitors your weight. It helps you maintain your weight, and it guides you about the healthy food that you can intake. It is caloric food without the contamination.

7. Glucosio: Diabetes Tracker

Glucosio is a diabetes managing app for both the types, i.e., type 1 and type 2.

What does it do?

Its main purpose is to observe metrics like weight, hemoglobin A1c, blood pressure, ketones, etc.

Its features

  • HbA1c conversion calculator: This app also includes glucose target tools and HbA1c conversion calculator.
  • Support research: It also allows you to share data with your family members and friends.
  • Open source: It is an open source and free. It is open for feedback and improvements.

8. Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

It is a smartphone app for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. Glucose buddy allows you to log in and enter the report of your blood glucose levels, carb intake, medications doses, A1C results, and exercises.

Its features

  • Provides reminders to take medicine at its appropriate time.
  • Tracks blood glucose levels.
  • Track carb intake.
  • Share your health status with the care providers.
  • Tracks blood pressure.

9. Diabetes Connect

This app helps you control your diabetes. This app is especially for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients.

Its features

  • Record blood glucose levels.
  • Insulin injections.
  • Provides medications.
  • Track meal.
  • Provides reports.
  • Provides online portal.
  • Provides your blood glucose statistics.


These diabetic apps can prove to be very helpful in everyday life. These apps can bring a positive impact on the management of diabetes.  Thus, patients can have good control over this long-term problem.

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