Google’s Titan security key is up for grabs now.

You can now ship the full kit online. The kit includes a USB key, a Bluetooth key, and a few connectors.
The complete kit is available for $50. the key was previously available for the Google cloud customers only. The company says that the key will be cheap, accessible and available for the masses.
Let’s see what this Titan key has in store for us!

How does it protect the data and accounts?

The Titan key acts as a second factor offering an Advanced Protection Program. Other protection systems send an authentication code to your phone that can be intercepted. The key is just like a USB that you can always keep. Security keys, by far, are the safest options for protecting your account against every type of hacks and privacy breaches. The hacker does not only need your account and its password but also this physical security key to break into your account/email. So, compared to other types of systems, it is safe to say that these security keys are harder to obtain.
Google wanted to create its very own Titan key to expand its services. The company has previously introduced a couple of security keys under its Advanced Protection Program. People who use these security keys are mostly journalists, government officials, activists, or other public figures with sensitive data.

The best there is?

Yes, the company claims that its new Titan key is the best there is out there in the market. According to Google, the key is integrated with a special software that protects it from tampering.
Moreover, the hardware chips are encrypted before they reach the factory for processing into the key to further prevent any type of manufacturing attacks. The key is compatible with almost every browser commonly used. The users can safely use Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Stripe, Salesforce and a lot more without having to worry about any breaches.
Google's Titan security key
A competitor company, Yubikey recently criticized the Titan key’s Bluetooth support. Since the key is Bluetooth compatible, a hacker nearby can steal your encryption key through it. However, Google denied it stating that the probability of such hacks is negligible.

What if you lose it?

Given how much pressure that security key is under, you have got to keep it safe. If you lose it then you’re definitely in trouble. Therefore, it is a safer option to have a backup key. Google can help you recover your account but the recovery process takes days.
This means that the security keys are not targeted for common use of course. Why would you take such a burden upon yourself unless there’s something extremely sensitive that you want to protect.
Google Titan security key will provide you an extra layer of protection that every confidential data need. Stay tuned for more updates!

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