Google is planning to add a subscription to its Google Play app store. This will allow users to access thousands of dollars’ worth of paid apps for only a few dollars each month. This information was provided by mobile software development community, XDA developers.
This feature was first discovered back in June. Keiron Quinn, a prominent software developer, stumbled upon this feature when he looked at the source code of Play Store APK file. This discovery seemed more of plausibility now than it ever did.

Google did a survey asking how the name “Pass” suited for an app subscription service this week. The service offered a hypothetical service that would offer hundred dollars’ worth of Android apps for only a few bucks each month.

In 2016, Google asked about desserts starting with the letter N. One of the choices was Nougat. Android 7 and 7.1 were codenamed Nougat.
The need for a subscription service seems like a top priority for Google. Despite having billions of app downloads, it falls behind the App Store when it comes to earning money via app sales and purchases. Only a few apps on the Google Play Store can earn decent money.
App developers will be able to earn better profits with a subscription service. Users will also be encouraged to try out different paid apps and download the ones they were hesitant of buying before. It will also distribute profits among various apps.

Users will also benefit, as developers will be less motivated to push ads on their apps, or introduce in-app purchases. Google has some hurdles it needs to overcome before this objective can be completed.

The first challenge is for Google to come up with a subscription fee that will keep both customers and app developers happy. Google is trying to come up with a Socialist system in its app store, as it is trying to keep everyone happy.

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The hardest part about this is, since there are millions of apps on the app store, not everyone will get their due rewards.

Another issue is that top apps are already making a lot of money. It is highly unlikely these developers would try to fix something that isn’t broken. This means that it is highly probable that top earning apps won’t be a part of the subscription.

And since top earning apps would most likely not be a part of the subscription service, most users will find little use of the subscription service. Google has experimented with the way users buy apps from the Play Store.
The company introduced a point system in Japan which would earn users points everytime they spent cash on buying apps. Google also added a ‘try before you buy’ facility. This option allowed users to try paid apps before purchasing them.
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