Facebook 3D Photos are already here!

Facebook 3D photos
Facebook 3D Photos Launch

Facebook 3D Photos are now active on your newsfeed!

Facebook innovates every single day but this time the company introduced an awesome 3D photography feature that would truly amaze selfie lovers and landscape photographers.
3D photography isn’t a new idea, but it was not available on social media platforms before. Once again Facebook is setting trends by taking this initiative. This would not only add a plus to Facebook but also make the newsfeed more interactive for all users.

Facebook described its new feature as:

“3D-photo is like looking at your photography subject if they were standing still behind a window.”

This new feature not only gives you a somewhat 3-D effect but also fixes your blur and poor quality images to some extent. To make the best use of Facebook’s 3-D feature all you have to do is stick to the guidelines given by Facebook. Facebook gave all the necessary instructions through videos, guiding users, on how to click an image that would absolutely rock the 3-D feature.
You can enjoy this feature if you have a smartphone with a dual camera. Also, users with iPhone cameras, using the “Portrait” mode, can enjoy this feature the most. Facebook uses AI to complete the image based on what you have clicked. The remaining part of the picture would be judged by what the actual picture looks like.
3D photo view is available for every user from now, while the rights to upload photos will be granted in the coming weeks. You can then post 3D images on your news feed!
Are you excited to use Facebook 3D feature? Share your thoughts are stay tuned for more updates!

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