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Australian automobile Cohda Wireless has introduced driver-less vehicles which went for a trial on the streets.

The trial was conducted in the center of Adelaide at Victoria Street. The trial evaluated how smart these driverless vehicles are, allowing their risk assessment.

The trial involved two cars driving a four-way intersection at right angles to each other. The trial had two cars; Car 1 self-driven and Car 2 by a human.

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Car 2 failed to stop at the red traffic signal; the driver skipped the red light without any intention to follow the traffic signal. Car 1 approached the intersection from the opposite direction and passed through the green light. If this were a real scenario, the two vehicles would collide, and there will be a risk of a road accident.

The situation portrays that Car 2 disobeyed the traffic rules and Car 1 was unaware of the upcoming danger.

Paul Alexander, Chief Technical Officer, stated if the vehicles get connected using Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X), it will reduce the chances of such accidents.

We demonstrated that when vehicles are connected to each other using our smart V2X technology, Car 1, the connected autonomous vehicle, would detect that Car 2 is approaching the red light at speed and is probably not going to stop. This allows the connected autonomous vehicle to pre-emptively identify and respond to the threat by slowing down and stopping.

– Professor Paul Alexander, Chief Technical Officer

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In June 2018, the corporation took the ownership of two modified vehicles from the US. These two vehicles were used in the advanced level of the trials with Vehicles-to-Everything (V2X) technology.

These vehicles were the two Lincoln MKZ sedans fitted with Cohda Wireless software with V2X units. These driverless automobiles help ensure a safer road trip.

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