Driverless cars
Driverless cars make it to Dubai.

Dubai’s Driverless taxi Service is already up for the test run on roads.

Yes, after the much-created hype about the flying Taxis, we finally hear about the driverless taxi service. The driverless Taxi Service will be rolling out from the next month in Dubai. Currently, the driverless cars are gearing up for a test run.
The Road and Transport Authority┬áhas already decided the venue for the test run of these cars. Driverless electric cars are going to make their initial test drives at a residential area in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The test run is going to last for three months before the cars hit the road for public use. Furthermore, this three months’ trial is going to decide ‘when’ and ‘how’ these cars are going to make it to the other areas of the city.
These driverless cars are electric and made their first public appearance on Sunday during an electronics trade show. The driverless car is a Mercedes Benz E-class model. The car is equipped with various cameras and sensors to assure a safe drive on roads. However, a driver will stay inside the car during the initial test runs just in case the car has to switch from autonomous to manual driving for some reason. However, the passengers during the test run will be invitational.
Khaled Al Awadhi, director of RTA’s Automated Fare Collections Systems Department, said:

“At the moment, there is only one autonomous taxi available that will initially run on a preset dedicated route at Dubai Silicon Oasis. After the three-month trial phase, we will gather all the information and evaluate how we can roll-out driverless taxis in other areas of the city”.

The idea was an initiative to transform 25 percent of Dubai’s journeys into self-driven experiences by 2030. However, with driverless cars in action, the idea seems to be progressing at a good pace.
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