Create you own Cell-Phone with MakerPhone.

Hardware industries have released various toolkits for tech-geeks to make handy gadgets at home as it is the best way to stay productive on Sundays.

MakerPhone, introduced by Kickstarter, would help you in making your own functional handset.

MakerPhone is a toolkit assembled with chips, boards and other basic electronic equipment that help can you assemble a phone with minimal functionality.

The toolkit contains mainboards, casing, LCD,wireless-modules, processor and all other tiny equipment that you need for building a simple phone.

However, this phone would be incapable of browsing, of course. But, you can make and receive calls, exchange SMS and play snake. Isn’t it enough of an accomplishment?
This hand-held kit is not like plug and play. You need some soldering tactics to compile all the equipment on the same page. You will have to embed soldering iron and python processing chips to make it fully operational. The MakerPhone has micro-controller is Arduino compatibility, thus you can adjust your phone accordingly.
Those who already tried Kickstarter DIY tool for game creation reviewed that no prior experience is required to assemble the accessories. All you need are manuals and online tutorials which are enough to make the gadgets functional. MakerPhone is a complete set of tools that you need to build a fully functional phone without any prior certification in electronics.
On LCD, you can view chunky UI and magnified pixels, which is essential to see the time in sunlight.
This won’t be your all-purpose device, because you don’t have a built-in GPS that facilitates in locating your position. However, you can use it for continuous texting with family and friends. Also, it is a fun project that can help you utilize your free time in a constructive way. This project can actually help you learn some fundamental mechanics!
Initially, MakerPhone earned $15,000on each toolkit. Later, sold the same toolkit just in $84. For now, this kit is available at $119.
Are your Sundays idle? Go Grab MakerPhone to make them productive. Share your experience and stay tuned for more tech updates!

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