Xiaomi is an all-rounder company that never fails to impress. Starting from its range of amazing mid-range smartphones that encompass top-notch features, to its line of eco products and home appliances everything is sophisticatedly simple and innovatively designed. The Yee light is Xiaomi’s take on remote controlled LED light, an appliance that can be used in all sorts of settings; house and office both.
The Yeelight comes with a metal fixture, a remote control and some screws to fit the base on to the ceiling. It is fairly simple to install on an empty space in the wall, be it the ceiling or the side wall.
The light can be controlled with the remote that comes with it. The Yeelight app needs to be paired with the light. The remote helps the user control the colour, temperature, brightness and when to turn the light on/off, along with switching between some pre-installed modes of the light. Another great feature is that the light can also be controlled with the Google Assistant. The light needs to be set up with Google Home and then controlled through simple gestures such as voice commands.
The Yeelight product service is available on IFTTT as well. However, the Google Assistant does not natively support the light so the user can only control it through a set of very direct phrases. The light cannot be grouped with other appliances
The Yeelight has its highest point of brightness set at 2000 lumens. The colour temperature ranges from 2700k to 6500k all of which can be adjusted through the remote control.
The Yeelight is a definite must-have product for anyone who is looking for remote-controlled, easy to use and in a budget light. We highly recommend it!

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