Withings smartwatch
Withings unveils its Steel HR Sports smartwatch.
Withings has finally unveiled their very own product as an independent company that too a sports smartwatch.

After struggling for quite a long time, the company has made a pretty neat comeback with its fitness tracker. If you are a sucker for fitness bands and have budget constraints, you finally have an option for a reasonable one (price-wise).
Let’s see what this one has in store for us!
Does not the name ring any bells? Nokia released its own steel HR sports smartwatch back in 2016 when it took over Withings. Now that the company is independent again, it has come up with its modification that is way better than the previous one.
The smartwatch has a built-in heart rate monitor. It also comes with two amazing features; a connected GPS and the out-of-the-box oxygen intake sensors. The watch has a circular screen that tells heart rate, steps and distance traveled, calories etc.
This smartwatch has an OLED display. The stainless steel it is made with provides it water resistance up to 50 meters. Its battery life is up to 25 days for normal usage.
The watch also notifies you about phone alerts as well as WhatsApp messages and calls with vibration and screen display. The watch is compatible with Android as well as iOS.
Carreel, the company’s new CEO, said:
”With its advanced sport and health tracking capabilities, Steel HR Sport is a perfect example of how Withings is delivering against its original mission to help better manage health,”
The smartwatch costs $199. The price is very reasonable in terms of its competitors’. But Withings has a long way to go before it could actually compete with Apple, Fitbit etc.
Design-wise, the watch is not up to the mark. When it comes to sports smartwatches, one expects a classy watch that has a smart fit. Compared to Apple’s latest watch series 4 and Fitbit’s latest fitness tracker, Withing’s Steel HR Sports smartwatch looks more like an ordinary watch.
We hope that Withing’s next-generation watch turns out to be a real game changer.
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