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Apps to help you make it through the exam season.

Are you having a hard time learning things? Not sure of what educational app you should go for?

Problem solved. We have prepared a list of top educational apps of the year to help you make it through your exams and term tests.

These apps are equipped with many features to suit your needs.

Top Educational Apps 2019

The apps we are going to mention released this September and offer many features to suit your needs. Here are our top 8 picks for this year:

Khan Academy Kids

This app is perfect for all sorts of subjects, from English to Math to social studies and games to quizzes. The app is available on Android and iPad. It offers excellent learning methods, a fun reward system, and entertaining characters for a better learning experience for children.

Google Play

Let’s Read

This educational app is perfect for kids who are into reading and love books. This is perfect for kids who love to be read aloud by their parents or grandparents. Also, it promotes reading skills and builds a good community for books aiming at a young age. This app is only available on the iPad.

Google Play

Sago Mini Apartment

This app is very playful and entertaining when it comes to making the learning environment fun. It is very imaginative and useful for kids who love to play and learn compellingly. This app is available on Android and iPad.

Google Play

Hansel & Gretel by Nosy Crow

This app is more of a fairytale which mostly has books to improve the reading skills and games to play to entertain learning experience to test one’s knowledge. This app is downloadable on iPad. As you can tell, this educational app is suitable for kids.

Google Play

Improve English: Word Games

This app is mainly for learners who are struggling with English. It features games, quizzes, dictionaries, thesaurus, grammar, and writing skills. This app is also easy to use and is available on Android. It is suitable for all ages; from teenagers to adults.

Google Play

HelloTalk Language Exchange

This app is perfect for people who are having issues with communication, language, and pronunciation, hence the name. It is also used for translation, transliteration, and chat groups. This app is available on Android and iPad and is used by teenagers as well as adults.

Google Play


This app is perfect for high school and college students who want to ace in an exam. There are 13 million people currently using this app which features games, flashcards, quizzes, and much more. This app can be downloaded in Android as well as iPad.

Google Play


This app is a learning game which is used in classrooms, office, and in a social context. Teachers, students, and businesses use it. It can also be used personally. This app is accessible in all types of topics available, and you can download it in Android and iPad. This app is suitable for all ages.

Google Play

So there you have it! Learning couldn’t be any more fun with these educational apps. The apps are free and accessible without any hidden charges. They are easy to use and are at the tip of your finger on your mobile device when heading out somewhere.

So students and teachers, if you want to improve the method of your experience, then you need to download the educational app of your need. Make use of your time, and boost your learning experience! The choice is never natural!

Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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