7 Best Map apps of 2024

Best Map Apps Featured Image Best Map Apps Featured Image

Navigating to places can be a hard nut to crack without the map apps. Whether you are in a foreign city or trying out a new café in your hometown, we always need navigation to show us the shortest and fastest possible route.

With Google Maps taking the lead, there are plenty of other navigation apps tailored to make navigating a piece of cake for you.

So, sit back and navigate through the article to find your perfect fit for your next trip:

1. Google Maps

Google Maps Logo

The veteran app, Google Maps, is everyone’s go-to app when it comes to looking for directions. The app will not mislead you whether you are traveling within a city or to another country. The most facilitating feature of this app is that it shows adapted routes according to the type of vehicle. For instance, you will see a different path for a bike.

The app updates routes showing you the fastest one avoiding traffic where possible. Suggestions for nearby places are another intriguing feature of this app. You can find everything through Google Maps, ATMs, restaurants, cafes, petrol pumps, or markets. Users can also contribute to making Google Maps even better by adding photos of public places and missing information to the map.

Best for: All roadside routes

Availability: Android, iOS

2. Waze

Waze App Logo

Regarding predicting traffic accuracy, Waze trumps all other navigation apps, including the veteran app Google Maps. Even though it is owned by Google now, still, it serves as a different app. So, the maps are essentially the same. What sets this app apart from Google Maps is its features.

The app navigates even when you are not using it and uses the users’ everyday location to update its database. So if you are getting late and want to be told the real deal with traffic, this is the app you need. The app can also alert you about speed cameras, police patrols, and local hazards; these features are unique to the app, and you would hardly find any in other navigation apps.

Best for: Traffic predictability

Availability: Android, iOS

3. AllTrails

Alltrails Logo

If you are a sucker for a good hike and are always looking to explore new places, AllTrails is perfect for you. The app is designed to guide explorers to trails. Although other navigation apps include trails, this app has more routes and is more trail-driven than others.

The app takes its navigation from hand-drawn routes expeditors generally use; it uses a paper map that updates with your every step. The best part about this app is its dog-friendly and kid-friendly ways; if you have a dog or kid with you, the app can be a lifesaver. Even for mountain bikers, the app can show you the route to follow.

Best for: Trails, dog-friendly, and kid-friendly routes

Availability: Android, iOS

4. Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Another exciting navigation app to help you with specific searches is Apple Maps. The app is available for Apple users only. The best thing is, that it works and integrates with all Apple devices. You will find all the routes to the places you can think of on this app. The app is compatible with Siri, so you can ask Siri to show you the path and it will do that using the app for you.

The app lets you search for specific cuisines and stores; other apps can be disappointing if you are looking for particular restaurants. Another top-tier feature you can enjoy with this app is the 3D view and tilts; you can enhance your viewing experience and peek into places to familiarize yourself with the city you are considering moving in.

Best for: Specific searches

Availability: iOS

5. Citymapper

City Mapper

If there is any app that specializes in public routes, it has to be Citymapper. The app is dedicated to providing the best public transport routes possible. The app focuses on trains/subways and gives you their complete routes so you do not miss your commute. Furthermore, the quick view of the routes facilitates you by offering all the nearby locations and their types for one-tap access.

From the journey time prediction to the exact routes followed by the train, the app has a lot in store for you. You can even view your trips and follow one of your old routes. The lines section can show you the interruptions. You can also access tube maps using the app.

Best for: Public transport (train) routes

Availability: Android, iOS

6. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers Logo

The name gives it away; the app is perfect for road trips. You can plan your journeys across the country using the app. The app’s database is humongous and shows you routes through cities and countries. The app will show you the underrated places and hidden spots you would otherwise miss on a road trip. You can save the locations and revisit them. You can even view the travel itineraries that already exist. You can either follow a pre-formed itinerary or create your own.

Spots that have been reviewed will have their reviews displayed to help you pick a good spot for the trip. The app also shows you free travel guides.

Best for: Road trips, lesser-known spots

Availability: Android, iOS

7. MapOut

Now that we have discussed road trips and trails, walks are next. While other apps show routes for pedestrians, MapOut is dedicated to providing you with routes for your morning walks. The app is one of the most highly-rated apps by users. In addition, the app gives you offline maps. You can download the tiles you need and view them later.

MapOut also offers 3D tilts for a better navigation experience. You can also export maps to MapOut without much hassle. The app predicts the route durations and alerts you. It also allows you to set the walk routine that you can follow daily. For the hikes and trails, separate colored lines are used to facilitate you.

Best for: Walks

Availability: Android, iOS

Final Word

Conclusively, whether you are on a road trip or going for a routine walk, apps can save you a lot of trouble and time by guiding you to the safest and fastest possible one.

Do let us know in the comments section below which navigation app saves your day.

Until next time!

  1. My faborite feature of google maps is the option for most fuel efficient route. Unfortunately, it only works with wifi or data service.

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