SmartThings Tracker
Samsung's SmartThings Tracker is all set to hit the market this month.
Smart Things Tracker will help you find things that you never really lost.

Samsung is all set to release its own SmartThings Tracker to compete with Tile which was previously the only smart things’ tracker. Instead of using Bluetooth, the tracker will be powered by LTE-M.
The device is equipped with a cellular network that enables it to be used to track lost items as well as your pets. You can also use the device to keep a track of your toddlers.
Whenever you lose anything, haven’t you ever wished how amazing would it be had it been integrated with a locator to find it? (the frustration of several-minute long search with the item being found from the most obvious place humanly possible can’t be explained, hope you can relate). Worry not; the SmartThings tracker to the rescue!

The basics

The tracker makes use of a combination of GPS to find the misplaced items. Since it is powered by LTE-M, there is absolutely no limit to its range. The device runs on a low power mode which means that there’s hardly a chance that it stops working because of the battery.
SmartThings Tracker
Moreover, the device is also capable of sending an SOS message. If you press the power button twice it will send the tracker’s location to the SmartThings app. It also offers a feature for geofencing. This geofencing feature lets the tracker blink twice as before signaling the arrival. This amazing feature also lets you set the range of monitoring for your pet. For instance, if there’s a nook where you don’t want your dog to go, the tracker will notify you when your dog comes near it.


The SmartThings Tracker’s app is compatible with all the Samsung as well as other Android devices (all the devices that use IoT a.k.a Internet of Things).

Its competitor

It is pretty obvious that Samsung’s SmartThings tracker is in a direct competition with the Tile tracker that is a tiny Bluetooth tracker. This tracker has been used to find wallets and those keys that you are always losing. But since it uses Bluetooth to track the items, its range is limited. Whereas the Samsung’s range has no limit whatsoever as it uses the LTE-M services.
SmartThings Tracker
Due to its enhanced features, it is expensive than the tile’s tracker. But people are still confused; why pay so much for a device that only has a GPS?

Price and release

The device is set to release on 14th September. It is an AT&T exclusive product and has a Verizon version that will launch sometime later. The device comes with $99 price tag. Samsung is offering 12 months of free service. Once your free trial is over, you will have to pay $5 a month.

What do we think?

All in all, the device looks pretty solid. The price tag might make you reconsider buying it but then again, its utility is worth it.  The device is easy to use and is a small package full of handy features. Like I said before, many of you may not want to give a hundred bucks for a device that only has a GPS. But if you are always in a hurry or worrying about your kids or your dogs (Apologies for my bias towards dog as a pet), this tracker is a good investment.
If you want to buy a SmartThings tracker anyway, go for this one as Tile’s range limit restricts its usage.
We waste a lot of time while looking for things we never really lost then why not invest a little to save a good deal of time!

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