PS4 reportedly hit with a bug.

If you are a PS4 owner and getting a warning message, containing a string of characters, do not open it!

PS4 owners are reportedly hit with a  PS4 bug that causes their Sony console to malfunction. The bug makes its way through a warning message that is composed of a string of characters. Opening this message causes the Sony’s console to stop working or functioning normally. The bug causes such serious malfunctioning that the user ultimately has to go for a factory reset on their device.

Such bugs are a norm on cellular devices and are reported to be fixed through an update. Sony has been already known for giving quick updates. This gives us a hope that this bug might get fixed in a coming update. Until then, just have a look at some points that can help you protect yourself from this bug:

Steps to avoid PS4 Bug:

  1.  If you receive any warning message, avoid opening it on your Sony Console. That says, if you have downloaded a Sony messaging app and you delete this message right away, then, it is least likely to affect your Console. You can get this app from both Android store and Apple Store.
  2.  Restrict your messages to “Friends Only”  or “No one” to avoid receiving messages from unreliable sources. You can do this by following the given steps:
  • Open up your web browser, Visit this link.
  • Sign in to your PS4 account.
  • Choose ‘Personal Info’ to move to your ‘Messages’.
  • Click on the ‘edit’ icon near your messages.
  • Change the message settings to ‘friends only’ or ‘no one’.

Or you can also:

  •  Log in to your PS4 console.
  • Go to settings
  • Select Account Management
  • Select Privacy Settings
  • Choose ‘Personal Info’ to move to ‘Messages’.
  • Click on the edit icon near your messages.
  • Change the message settings to ‘friends only’ or ‘no one’.

This would help you protect your PS4 from this bug until Sony’s next update gets it fixed.

What to do if already affected by this bug?

If you are already affected by this Bug, you can get your Database rebuilt. This can be done by running your PS4 in safe mode and rebuilding your database. Hopefully, by doing this, you won’t lose any of your data and you might also get your console working normally again.

Sony says that rebuilding your database “Scans the drive and creates a new database of all content on the system. However, this operation may take a long time depending on the type and number of data items, This option is useful for cleaning up the data on your PS4 as it reorganizes everything on the hard drive. Therefore, select this option if you are experiencing issues such as ”game freezes” or ”framerate drops”.

We completely understand that you would never want to lose all your data. Therefore, the recommended solution on your Console might save you from the factory reset.

We hope the guidelines help you save yourself from the recent glitch on PS4. However, we’ll inform you as soon as Sony does something to get this fixed. Stay tuned!

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