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Rainbow Six Siege, a widely popular video game by the gaming company Ubisoft, has announced changes before its release in Asia. The company claims the changes are only ‘aesthetic’ and would not influence its playing mode. Its users do not agree.
The fact that the company has decided to make changes to the game common to all to make it suitable for the Chinese government is angering the fans. The users all have different theories to explain this change in policy. A famously followed Reddit thread is where the argument seems to be happening.

Changes in Maps

In its official blog announcing the changes, the company spokesperson writes:

“We are currently working towards preparing Rainbow Six Siege for expansion into Asian territories. As such, there will be some adjustments made to our maps and icons to ensure compliance.”

These changes need to be put in place considering the official code of rules by the Chinese government. These regulations dictate what content video games can display to their Chinese consumers. This covers any blood spatters or even pictures and illustrations of skulls. To discourage violent tendencies, the Chinese government also restricts depiction of weapons. This means knives in the Rainbow Six Siege world would no longer exist. These would instead be replaced by other, more mundane images.
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