All the members of the Pokémon Club, here comes the most awaited news for you. Niantic has finally rolled out Pokémon Go Trainer Battles. The much-awaited PvP mode in Pokémon Go is out now. All the level 40 players have already access to the trainer battles since it has been launched in the morning. However, it didn’t take long for it to be available for level 10 players.

Not to forget that level 10 is the permanent minimum level required for the trainer battles mode. The idea of this feature was teased around three years ago, and it took quite some time for the company to come up with the working feature.

However, this exciting feature allows players to experience a faster battle of around four minutes. Players can play with each other using three Pokémons. They have the liberty to choose between the three in between the battle. The battles are also divided into three exciting leagues which determine the power of creatures that are used. The leagues are divided into Great, Ultra or Master Leagues, and their powers are determined by CP rating (the idea that is similar to that of Injustice: Gods Among Us).

Majorly, you need to be on the same location of your battling rival. You can either use your friend’s list for this purpose or simply scan a QR code. Otherwise, for a greater distance, you need to be Best or Ultra friends with the person whom you want to fight. This feature allows users to train their Pokémon along with helping them unlock in-game medals. Also, Niantic states that a user can earn up to three rewards every day by battling other trainers on the board.

The battle is all about the series of taps that help you launch your basic attacks and gain some points in the charge attack meter. In Niantic, you can also unlock a second charge attack to choose from between the charge attacks. In this case, the energy is drained from a shared meter.
The feature has already rolled out, and you can go and try yours with the battle rival of your own choice.

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