Phone or email
Phone or Email?

Are you struggling to choose the right approach of sending a message to someone? If this is the case then here is how to choose the right method of sending someone a message.
Communication is the process of transferring information or message from one person to another. Communication has become a part of our daily lives from arranging a meeting to sending invitations through email. Majority of people prefer to use email as a method of communication.

A study, Radicati, revealed that the number of worldwide email users will reach 3.8 billion by the end of 2018.

There are certain circumstances where phone calls are mostly used especially in the sales department. You may have heard about cold calls that are used to make a call about selling your products or services. There is a time when phone calls must be used throughout the process of sales. This cannot be done through emails alone.

When phone calls are used

Phone calls allow you to have an impactful conversation with humans which emails cannot do. This helps to build a relationship with people in the workplace, show authenticity and building trust among colleagues. There are certain instances when phone calls can be used:

  • Building a relationship between people
  • Explaining complicated situations
  • Making an apology
  • Delivering bad news
  • Giving quick responses
  • Looking to close the deal between members

When emails are used

Since emails are one of the most widely used methods of communication, it helps to save time from calling vast amounts of customers. It is the most convenient method of communication which allows you to have more control of the conversation. The right approach is to use an email if you want to make a quick and simple statement. There are other instances when emails are used:

  • Following up for customers
  • Having a quick question
  • Sending a message to multiple people
  • Writing letters or memos

The right approach

In sales representatives, there will be times when one way of communication is preferred over the other. Depending on which method of communication you need and when to use it is the main goal of achieving a successful output to your sales. There are three ways to observe the situation before reaching out:

Set the target

What are you trying to achieve? The goal of your communication can determine which method you should go for. For instance, you cannot close the deal on emails or send a message to multiple customers through phone calls. For simpler situations, like getting a quick response is to choose email.
The urgency also affects the method of communication you choose. If you need a quick answer then nothing could be better than making a phone call.  However, not everyone sticks to emails or replies in a timely manner.

Use what you know about the customer or client

It does not make a difference what method of communication you use. It is the client or customer that prefers which method communication he/she uses. There are a number of factors that influence the customers’ preferences such as age, gender, position, job level, and industry. For instance, a CEO working in the IT firm might use emails as a form of communication whereas a receptionist working in a telecommunication sector might use phone calls.
If you a know a customer in depth and you have communicated with him/her several times then emails are effective. But if you are meeting the customer for the first time then a phone call is a good choice.

Choose the right time

Picking the right time to contact the client or customer is also an important factor. There is a saying time is money, if you send someone a message at the wrong time or the wrong day then this would affect the level of your sales.
A study by RingLead reveals that the best time to call is from 8-10 am and 3-4 pm. The best days to reach your customers that are Wednesdays and Thursdays. The worst times to reach your clients are Mondays at 6 am and Friday afternoons.
So if you are planning to boost your sales outreach strategy, make sure you think thoroughly of all of the factors and situations that could play into achieving the best outcome. Choosing the best communication method will more likely result in the best response from customers. This will ensure you receive a positive feedback!
Make sure you choose the right approach to send someone a message! 

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