There are not many video search engines available as many have been collapsed or some which are available only features selective content. As per the internet, the more you research, the more you are going to find multiple video sources. The intense research made Erie Data Systems to create a more privacy-focused, multi-lingual, and unbiased video search engine. Therefore, they launched their second video search engine known as Petey Vid.

Petey Vid is quite different from other video search engines in a way that it provides its users with a lifetime experience that is both extensive and privacy-sensitive. There are numerous video search engines present over the internet, but the problem with them is that they only prefer showing YouTube results. Unlike other video search engines, Petey Vid is not limited to the YouTube search results but also suggests the non-YouTube links which provide a wide range of alternative options to the users.

The main idea behind the launch of Petey Vid is to respect the privacy of the users, and for this purpose, the video search engine does not share the user information or saves it. This means that a user’s IP address is not tracked, which makes the search safe and anonymous. The experience provided by Petey Vid to its users is diverse, unique, expansive, yet private.

Another interesting thing about Petey Vid is that it has a separate page for popular hashtags that is one of the easiest and greatest ways to find trending news and topics. They have made the user’s search much easier by classifying the trending hashtags on a daily basis. For example, they have hashtags for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and so on.

About the name of the video search engine, Stadler, Founder of Petey Vid said;

“Cats are beloved on the internet. They’re intelligent, playful, and most importantly, inquisitive. Naming the search engine after Petey, seemed like a perfect fit. It’s not too technical of a name and offered a great branding opportunity!”

Petey Vid has other features as well such as duration filtering options, grid/list view (switchable) and the option to sort the searches, for example from oldest to newest or based on play duration. This video search engine is, therefore, a right choice for the users who want a diverse, expansive and privacy-sensitive platform with unique and interesting features. Explore Petey Vid to know more about the video search engine.

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