ServiceNow is struggling to capture FriendlyData for its natural language search processing.

Not a techie and need to interact with technical jargon? Worry not, here is the good news; ServiceNow is all set to provide flexible searching via natural language processing solution on various applications.

ServiceNow, the famous enterprise cloud service provider has announced their natural language search on NOW platform, originated in 2016.

The company aims at integrating the natural language search functionality in different applications. To meet this goal, ServiceNow is struggling to capture FriendlyData. The ultimate objective of natural language search processing across different applications is to make searching of technical jargon easier.
The company would incorporate Natural Language Query (NLQ) in their enterprise solution to allow configuration of natural language search in their assembled application module. The working of NLQ is simple; it captures FriendlyData and then answers with simple text responses and visualization for quick search. ServiceNow mentioned that they will incorporate Friendly Data solution into NOW platform including IT applications, human resource enterprise solutions, security operations, and customer service management. Further, NLQ would be available for developers and ServiceNow partners as well.
Pat Casey, senior vice president of development and operations at ServiceNow, declared in a statement that:

“ServiceNow is bringing NLQ capabilities to the Now Platform, enabling companies to ask technical questions in plain English and receive direct answers. With this technical enhancement, our goal is to allow people to easily make data-driven decisions, increasing productivity and driving businesses forward faster.”

Attaining FriendlyData is one of the cutting-edge initiatives taken by ServiceNow. In May 2018, ServiceNow launched customized chat box setups known as Virtual Agents and Parlo that enabled enterprises to regulate their day to day inquiries smartly.
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