While something cool occurs right in front of your eyes, you may not have the time to capture it on your smartphone. A unique wearable camera lets you perform just that: go back in time, so to tell, to retroactively capture those brief instants you supposed you missed.

The camera is named the “Perfect Memory camera“, developed by New York-founded General Streaming Systems, LLC, is a development on the customary body cam. General Streaming Schemes has risen up about half of its $30,000 objective, but we visualize a lot of persons will be fascinated through this device.

Might you have missed recording the kid’s first steps? A different pocket-sized wearable camera permits you toward ‘’go back in time’’ to get some brief instants. Perfect Memory camera, developed through a US-based firm, is a pocket-sized as well as a lightweight 12-megapixel device that could record audio plus video in full high-definition. The camera always records and could save footage from the preceding five minutes, otherwise, any other pre-set length, while you tap its touchscreen.

This allows persons to keep a video of an occasion afterward it occurs retroactively, ‘Live Science’ reported. “You don’t know while a surprising, magic moment would happen – capturing a kid’s first words, for instance,” said Winnfield, CEO of General Streaming System, the firm that developed the device. The device could be worn by way of a hands-free bodycam. It could also attach toward the dash of a car, might pair with sporting action mount, stick to almost any surface as well as even hang around a pet’s neck. It could also click images, act as a compatible video camera as well as shoot time-lapse photography, the firm said.

The Flawless Memory wearable camera could be set to continually record, permitting you to save footage of occasions after they occur by tap its touch display.

This 12-megapixel device could record video and audio. Through a tap of its touchscreen, it is furthermore accomplished to record full-high-definition 1080p video.

This consists of AudioEdit mode, over which camera is recording steadily. While you tap its touch display, it saves recording from the preceding 5 minutes, otherwise, any other length you wish to set. This allows a person to keep a video of an occasion afterwards the fact retroactively. It could be worn as hands-free bodycam. Furthermore, this pocket-size plus lightweight camera has microSD card through up to 128GB of storing space.

This camera could be controlled by a free iOS or Android app. Its usages Wi-Fi to tie with a smartphone through the app wirelessly.

Perfect Memory Camera Wifi Live Preview

Once the camera is starting recording video continuously at the highest level of resolution, its battery could last up to 4 hours, Winnfield assumed. The battery needs up to 1.5 hours to revive, as stated by the company.

An IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for the device elevated an additional $197,662 USD in two months. Mass manufacture of the cameras at the initial bird value of $119 would initiate by October 2016. Moreover, the devices are expected to ship to the campaign’s backers beginning in October 2016.

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