New York Times joins with Scribd to offer an economical subscription bundle

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Image Credit: Scribd The New York Times and Scribd have collaborated to offer a subscription bundle, that will give users access to both services at just $12.99 per month.

Readers can now get a subscription bundle for Scribd and New York Times for a nominal fee of $12.99 per month. A standalone subscription for Scribd costs $8.99, while a standalone subscription for the New York Times costs $15.99.

Users can save approximately 12 dollars with this deal and will get to experience the best of both worlds. These worlds include articles written by top journalists and magical creations known as books.

The only downside is, this offer is only available to new users, which is quite a shame since current customers will feel betrayed.

Users will sign up through Scribd, but once they do they will be given access to both services via separate logins. This will give access to Scribd’s plethora of e-books and audio books, while also giving access to Times’ apps and website.

This is not the first time the two have collaborated on a subscription bundle. These two provided student discounts to their services in the past. The New York Times also put some of their articles up on Scribd’s website.

This latest project seems to be their biggest one yet. The feasible price was suggested simply because the company felt it needed to be more competitive with other subscription-based news outlets.

These partnerships will help the news organization to attract and retain more customers. In my opinion, the company needs to do more of these discounts, to increase sales even further. One of Times’ biggest and best deals was its Spotify offer.

The New York Times offered free Spotify membership for anyone who signed up to their All Access service. All Access included unlimited reading on NYT’s apps and website, including some behind-the-scenes content.

All-Access pass cost users $5 per week for a year. This was however only available to US residents who hadn’t subscribed to either New York Times or Spotify.

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NYT’s vice president of customer experience and retention Dork Alahydoian remarked, “We definitely needed to make sure it was the right partner, the right audience, the right mode.”

In Alahydoian’s opinion, the partnership with Scribd was a perfect pit as both services attracted similar audiences. Namely educated readers who were willing to spend their hard earned cash on high quality content.

Alahydoian further added that the Times is always looking for the right sort of partnerships, particularly those which can create a massive impact. The Times is also looking to develop its own bundles and subscription deals.

CEO Trip Adler wants to offer deals which will be “everything you could want to read in one subscription.”

By providing such great discounts, the New York Times will be able to attract more customers who are willing to pay for written material including news articles and books.
This subscription deal is a great idea, and more deals will be welcomed in the future.

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