We previously mentioned that Microsoft planned on rebuilding their Edge browser from the ground up using the Chromium engine. This means that the browser will have the same features and extension compatibility as Google Chrome, but with the added benefits of Windows 10 thrown into the mix.

Now, a test build is available for download, and we think it’s worth trying out!

You can download it by clicking here (Rar password is 4vtb). The download link has been provided courtesy of PC Beta forums.

A lot of the features are still experimental, so users should keep in mind that some features, websites, etc. may not function properly or as intended.

One of the benefits of the new browser using the Chromium engine is the seamless syncing of content between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Users can transfer bookmarks, settings, and more between the browsers in a matter of minutes. This provides a new level of convenience for those looking to try the new browser since there’s no need to log in again on every website.

While this build was meant for closed testing, the leak lets anyone who is curious try out the upcoming build and get an idea of the new features.

Microsoft hasn’t announced when the public preview will be available or when the new build will be released.

In its original release, Microsoft Edge tried its best to compete against Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. But limited support for extensions, lack of website support, and many other missing features caused it to miss the mark.

Microsoft is taking a step in the right direction with the Chromium engine since this will allow for a lot of new options.

Still, we don’t recommend getting too attached to the leaked version for daily use as it is still an experimental build.

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