Mercedes Benz 3 USB ports
Benz now has an extra ordinary feature of 3 USB-C charging ports.

In 2016 Mercedes Benz was launched with its all-electric EQ brand features. After two years, the latest launch at Paris Motor Show created a new burst of excitement for all Mercedes fans.

Benz now has an extra ordinary feature of 3 USB-C charging ports. The company declared it as their road-going version for this year.

The latest model of Mercedes Benz would not be available for everyone. The company mentioned in a statement that the latest Mercedes Benz would be placed in the US by 2020.

No doubt that the addition of 3 USB-C Ports in a car is all we ever wanted. These ports can be used for charging purposes and will keep you free from the hassle of carrying chargers or finding sockets. How handy and cool, right?

Also, the company has planned to keep the EQC feel real with the users, by greeting them with a blue light every time somebody gets inside the car. This indeed is aesthetically very cool.

Another thrilling feature of the latest EQC is its mesmerizing design. Seats are comfortable and the spacious front makes them feel even more comforting. Not forgetting to mention the high-quality glare of the headlights.

The car front has an amazing make, which, however, is difficult to maintain and keep tidy.  We won’t hesitate to call the new Mercedes Benz an absolute epitome of balance and beauty with spot-on proportions. We couldn’t help but appreciate the design that has left us in awe.

Inside the car, there are rose gold accents which are probably going to become a signature for the EQC line. Mercedes made sure that it gives a complete in-line competition to its competitors when it comes to the charging and performance figures, giving a mileage of 200 miles/charge.

However, other than the 3 USB-C ports, there is nothing extraordinary that the car has to offer.


Jurchen Herman, head of Mercedes Benz mentioned that:

“The biggest change with EQ was the change of drivetrain,” he explained, “but we know that changing the drivetrain isn’t one of the key selling points for our customers.”

Therefore, we completely accept the fact that Mercedes lovers usually don’t buy a car just because of its electric features. In fact, it is the brand loyalty that convinces them on buying the latest models, without questioning the features of the car.

Let us know if you too are an avid Mercedes fan!

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