IBM Struggle

IBM, a company name which needs no further description, wants to impress us again with its processing power and the artificial intelligence owned by them. The latest IBM project is called Watson described as a super-advanced computer which has the knowledge
to compete in social-cultural tv shows like Jeopardy! On short notice, the computer has the ability to answer the show’s questions fast and easy.

On the first look, it looks kind of easy. You might think the pc is searching fast through its database and on a search string, it finds the answer. But we should not forget the relevance of the information, a place where computers have always demonstrate weakness. For this kind of thin, Watson is counting on its recognition technology for natural language, the latest method for interpreting the human brain. Helped by the processing power, speed and accuracy system will attempt to prove that it can overcome the human mind.

IBM leads such individuals with a huge baggage of knowledge to be confronted with a blinking shaped artificial intelligence, but all designed by humans. From that, comes the defects of Watson. We will see if Watson will succeed more than the famous computer Deep Blue who challenged the great chess player of all times, Garry Kasparov.

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