New tip; ‘Artistic Live Focus’ feature spotted on Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rear Camera Lens Samsung Galaxy S9 Rear Camera Lens

Just when we thought that the next thing we hear about this black horse would be its launch date we have another leak. Sorry to disappoint but I think the leak is going to compensate for that. Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored to make an appearance with an exciting ‘Artistic Live Focus’ feature.

A recent tip from Galaxy Club reveals that the tech giant filed a patent (PDF) for the ‘Artistic Live Focus’ feature in the European Union. Our money is Galaxy S10. Well, the next phone that the company is planning on releasing is S10, so it makes all the more sense to point fingers at Galaxy S10 series.

The date on the application is today. So, the details will be revealed bit by bit.

Samsung S10 'Artistic Live Focus' Feature Patent Application
via Galaxy Club

The ‘Live focus’ feature is not new to anyone, the inclusion of the word ‘Artistic’ is. The live focus feature has been there on the company’s previous phones, i.e., Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8. The live focus is just a better term to explain ‘Bokeh effect.’ The Bokeh effect puts your subject in the spotlight by blurring out everything else. Once you are done taking the picture, you get to adjust the level of blur manually afterward.

But the feature has a limitation; it can’t be used in insufficient light. There is also a specific distance that you need to maintain a specific distance to get the live focus feature, for Samsung, it’s 1.2 meters.

So, how is this ‘Artistic Live Focus’ going to be any different from the mainstream live focus? The company is going to add an ‘artsy’ touch to it, probably by spicing it up with better manual controls. Well, we don’t know what exactly it is going to be like; it is only my interpretation.

Since the Galaxy S10 series will have more than two phones with each phone having at least two rear cameras, the ‘Artistic Live Focus’ might come to all of the phones in the series. Samsung A9 had four rear cameras and was the first phone to have a quad camera.  So, we are expecting the high-end phone of the Galaxy S10 series to have at least triple cameras.

Next year is going to be a revolutionary year as far as the smartphones are concerned. With 5G technology making its debut to foldable phones, the bar is set high. Introducing just another smartphone with ordinary features will be a really bad move. Almost every leading smartphone company has solid plans for the next year so expect all the horses in this race.

Galaxy S1o series was rumored to release earlier than expected, but the chances are that the company is going to release the phone on its initial date, i.e., somewhere at the end of February.

So, it seems like the company is going to do justice with the moniker ‘Beyond.’ Now let’s see how well does it set with its consumers.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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