At the end of the final battle, Iron Man snapped his fingers to wipe out Thanos’ army. He sacrificed his life to save the Universe. As a futurist, he saw that coming and also made a video for Pepper and his daughter Morgan, whom he loved 3000. The deleted footage starts from Hawkeye kneeling to Iron Man and others following him, paying respect to the fallen Avenger.

The scene is still unfinished but worth watching. It shows the importance of Stark’s sacrifice and what he meant and was to all of them.

The deleted clip includes Hawkeye, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Nebula, Valkyrie, Ant-Man, Captain America, and Doctor Strange. In the next frame, Scarlett Witch, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Drax, Shuri, Mantis, Okoye, Thor, Hulk, and others can be seen kneeling to the Iron Man.

Gamora can also be seen in this scene, which confirms the theory that she is still alive. She didn’t kneel; instead, she looked at them and walked away in ruins.

Spider-Man isn’t visible in this clip, or probably he wasn’t there because Tom Holland is known for spoiling movies. It can only be revealed after the movie’s digital release.

Here’s the deleted scene showing the Avengers kneeling to Tony Stark:

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